Authz0 - An Automated Authorization Test Tool. Unauthorized Access Can Be Identified Based On URLs And RolesAnd Credentials

Authz0 is an automated authorization test tool. Unauthorized access can be identified based on URLs and Roles & Credentials.

URLs and Roles are managed as YAML-based templates, which can be automatically created and added through authz0. You can also test based on multiple authentication headers and cookies with a template file created/generated once.

Key Features

  • Generate scan template $ authz0 new
    • Include URLs
    • Include Roles
    • Include ZAP history (Select URLS > Save Selected Entiries as HAR)
    • Include Burp history (Select URLs > Save item)
    • Include HAR file
  • Easy modify scan template (Role, URL) $ authz0 setUrl $ authz0 setRole authz0 setCred
  • Scanning authorization(access-control) with template $ authz0 scan


go install

go install github.com/hahwul/[email protected]


brew tap hahwul/authz0brew install authz0

Need more information? please refer to installation guide


Available Commands:

  completion  Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell  help        Help about any command  new         Generate new template  scan        Scanning  setCred     Append Credential to Template  setRole     Append Role to Template  setUrl      Append URL to Template  version     Show version

1. Generate template

authz0 new <filename> [flags]


authz0 new target.yaml --include-urls urls.txtauthz0 new target.yaml --include-zap zapurls.harauthz0 new target.yaml --include-burp burpurl.xml

2. Modify template

authz0 setCred <filename> [flags]authz0 setRole <filename> [flags]authz0 setUrl <filename> [flags]


authz0 setUrl target.yaml setUrl -u https://www.hahwul.comauthz0 setRole target.yaml -n User1authz0 setCred target.yaml -n User1 -H "X-API-Key: 1234" -H "TestHeader: 12344"

3. Scanning

authz0 scan <filename> [flags]


authz0 scan target.yamlauthz0 scan target.yaml -r TestUser1 -H "Cookie: 1234=1234" -H "X-API-Key: 1234555"




Please use discussions actively!


Detailed changes for each release are documented in the release notes.


Authz0's open-source project and made it with

if you want contribute this project, please see CONTRIBUTING.md and Pull-Request with cool your contents.

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