DomainAlerting - Daily Alert When A New Domain Name Is Registered And Contains Your Keywords

Daily alert when a new domain name is registered and contains your keywords.


DomainAlerting tool allows you to perform two main actions (for educational purposes only):

  • Download newly registered domains

  • Send automatic email alert

You can setup a wordlist and be alerted by email when you have a match (exemple here with "google|amazon").


apt install mailutilspip3 install -r requirements.txt


Inside the file "launcher.sh", complete:

  • Your keywords (#Keywords to complete)
  • Your receiver (#Email to complete)

Then, create a daily crontab job:

crontab -e #edit user's crontab0 8 * * * /path/launcher.sh #set daily crontab (here at 8 am for example)


Feel free to clone this project. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.



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