PurplePanda - Identify Privilege Escalation Paths Within And Across Different Clouds

This tool fetches resources from different cloud/saas applications focusing on permissions in order to identify privilege escalation paths and dangerous permissions in the cloud/saas configurations. Note that PurplePanda searches both privileges escalation paths within a platform and across platforms.

The name comes from the animal Red Panda. This panda eats peas, just like Purple Panda, which can ingest API keys/tokens found by these PEASS. The color was changed to purple because this tool is meant mainly for Purple Teams (because it can be highly useful for both Blue and Red Teams).

How to use

Each folder inside /intel defines one platform that can be enumerated and contains a README.md file explaining how to use that specific module.

Download Neo4jDesktop and create a database. Then export the env variables PURPLEPANDA_NEO4J_URL and PURPLEPANDA_PWD with the URL to the neo4j database and the password.

If you want shodan to be used with public IPs discovered during the enumeration export a env variable called SHODAN_KEY with a valid api key of shodan.

Then just install and launch the program indicating the platforms you want to enumerate comma separated like:

git clone https://github.com/carlospolop/PurplePandacd PurplePandapython3 -m venv .source bin/activatepython3 -m pip install -r requirements.txtexport PURPLEPANDA_NEO4J_URL="bolt://[email protected]:7687"export PURPLEPANDA_PWD="neo4j_pwd_4_purplepanda"python3 main.py -h # Get helppython3 main.py -e --enumerate google,github,k8s --github-only-org --k8s-get-secret-values --gcp-get-secret-values # Enumerate google, github and k8s

PurplePanda has 2 analysis modes:

  • -e (enumerate): This is the main one, it will try to gather data and analyze it.
  • -a (analyze): This will perform a quick analysis of the provided credentials.

Video tutorial

Check how to use and inspect the data gathered by PurplePanda:

For Blue/Purple Teams

Use credentials for each platform with at least admin read access to all the resources of the platform. This will help you to see exactly the privesc paths that can be abused within your configurations in each platform and across

For Red Teams

PurplePanda is also designed to be used by Red Teams. In general, cloud/saas platforms won't give everyone access to read the configuration of the platform, that's why PurplePanda supports the use of several keys for the same platform, in order to try to enumerate everything with all the keys you compromised and have the most accurate view of the configuration of the platform.

Supported platforms

How to use the data

Use the -d parameter indicating a directory. Then, PurplePanda will write in this directory several interesting analysis in csv format of the information obtained from all the platforms. The recommendation is to find interesting and unexpected things in those files and then move to analyze those interesting cases with the graphs.

Each folder inside /intel defines one platform that can be enumerated and contains a README.md file explaining how to use that specific module. Moreover, each folder also contains a HOW_TO_USE.md file and a QUERIES.md file.

In the HOW_TO_USE.md file you can find the best queries to perform an investigation on how to escalate privileges (for Purple, Blue, and Red Teams).

In the QUERIES.md file you will find all proposed queries to investigate the data easier.

How to visualize the data in graphs

Follow the instructions indicated in VISUALIZE_GRAPHS.md

How to Contribute

In the root folder and in each folder inside intel/ you will find a TODO.md file. You can find in those files how you can help. Just send a PR with the addition.

PRs with fixes are also welcome :)

Moreover, if you have other ideas that aren't in those TODO files feel free to send a PR.

By Polop(TM)

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