Poro - Scan Publicly Accessible Assets On Your AWS Cloud Environment

Scan for publicly accessible assets on your AWS environment

Services covered by this tool:

  • API Gateway
  • S3 Buckets
  • RDS Databases
  • EC2 instances
  • Redshift Databases

Poro also check if a tag you specify is applied to identified public resources using --tag-key and --tag-value arguments.


  • AWS account with Read Only Access to services listed above.
  • Python 3.X
  • requests>=2.22.0
  • boto3>=1.20
  • botocore>= 1.20
  • enlighten>=1


  • Clone this repository

  • Configure your envionment with active credentials -> aws configure [sso]

  • Run python poro.py [-h] [--profile PROFILE] [--export FILE_NAME] [--verbose] [--tag-key KEY] [--tag-value VALUE]

    optional arguments:-h, --help          show this help message and exit--profile PROFILE   Specify the aws profile (default is default)--export FILE_NAME  Specify the file name if you want to expport the results--verbose, -v--tag-key KEY       Specify the tag key that you want to check if it exists in public resources--tag-value VALUE   Specify the tag value that you want to check if it exists in public resources

Poro prints the scanning results at the end of it's execution in a json file if no export option is not specified.

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