Email-Prediction-Asterisks - Script That Allows You To Identify The Emails Hidden Behind Asterisks

Email prediction asterisks is a script that allows you to identify the emails hidden behind asterisks. It is a perfect application for osint analysts and security forces. It allows to intelligently predict, using Intelx leaks, which emails are related to the person we are looking for. It also allows you to automatically obtain information from emails for manual analysis through a CSV dataset that is generated with the results.

Example of email with asterisks on Twitter



It's necessary to install the intelx library for python

git clone https://github.com/Quantika14/email-prediction-asteriskspip3 install -r requiriments.txtgit clone https://github.com/IntelligenceX/SDKpip3 install SDK/Python

You must put your api key here

# Directory: m/key.pyintelx = "HERE"emailrep = "HERE"


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