PEzor-Docker - With The Help Of This Docker Image, You Can Easily Access PEzor On Your System!

With the help of this kali linux image, you can easily access PEzor on your system!

Basically, this image is built from the kalilinux/kali-rolling image and then the PEzor shellcode and PE packer is installed on top of it. Sometimes, it's vital to have access to PEzor, specially in a post exploit phase, but installing it on a host or a VM is a time-consuming task due to the dependencies that are required. Having said that, this docker image is created to solve this problem and provide a quick way to access PEzor.

P.S. All the credits for the wonderful PEzor tool are reserved for @phra .


This docker image is only for educational purposes and ethical uses! Any misuse of this image is totally on your own risk.

About PEzor

With the help of this incredible tool, you can create FUD malwares that are capable of bypassing most of the well-known AVs. For instance, you can pack the "mimikatz" executable file with the help of PEzor and then run it against victim's system for a full mem dump without any problem!

How to use

NOTE: You need to have docker installed on your system.

docker pull https://hub.docker.com/r/4d0niis/pezor_included_kali:1.0  
docker run -it 4d0niis/pezor_included_kali:1.0 /bin/bash  





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