Deadfinder - Find Dead-Links (Broken Links)

Dead link (broken link) means a link within a web page that cannot be connected. These links can have a negative impact to SEO and Security. This tool makes it easy to identify and modify.


Install with Gem

gem install deadfinder

Docker Image

docker pull ghcr.io/hahwul/deadfinder:latest


Commands:  deadfinder file            # Scan the URLs from File. (e.g deadfinder file urls.txt)  deadfinder help [COMMAND]  # Describe available commands or one specific command  deadfinder pipe            # Scan the URLs from STDIN. (e.g cat urls.txt | deadfinder pipe)  deadfinder sitemap         # Scan the URLs from sitemap.  deadfinder url             # Scan the Single URL.  deadfinder version         # Show version.Options:  c, [--concurrency=N]  # Set Concurrncy                        # Default: 20  t, [--timeout=N]      # Set HTTP Timeout                        # Default: 10  o, [--output=OUTPUT]  # Save JSON Result


# Scan the URLs from STDIN (multiple URLs)cat urls.txt | deadfinder pipe# Scan the URLs from File. (multiple URLs)deadfinder file urls.txt# Scan the Single URL.deadfinder url https://www.hahwul.com# Scan the URLs from sitemap. (multiple URLs)deadfinder sitemap https://www.hahwul.com/sitemap.xml

JSON Handling

deadfinder sitemap https://www.hahwul.com/sitemap.xml \  -o output.json  cat output.json | jq

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