NetLlix - A Project Created With An Aim To Emulate And Test Exfiltration Of Data Over Different Network Protocols

A project created with an aim to emulate and test exfiltration of data over different network protocols. The emulation is performed w/o the usage of native API's. This will help blue teams write correlation rules to detect any type of C2 communication or data exfiltration.

Currently, this project can help generate HTTP/HTTPS traffic (both GET and POST) using the below metioned progamming/scripting languages:

  • CNet/WebClient: Developed in CLang to generate network traffic using the well know WIN32 API's (WININET & WINHTTP) and raw socket programming.
  • HashNet/WebClient: A C# binary to generate network traffic using .NET class like HttpClient, WebRequest and raw sockets.
  • PowerNet/WebClient: PowerShell scripts to generate network traffic using socket programming.


Download the latest ZIP from realease.

Running the server:

  • With SSl: python3 HTTP-S-EXFIL.py ssl

  • Without SSL: python3 HTTP-S-EXFIL.py

Running the client:

  • CNet - CNet.exe <Server-IP-ADDRESS> - Select any option
  • HashNet - ChashNet.exe <Server-IP-ADDRESS> - Select any option
  • PowerNet - .\PowerHttp.ps1 -ip <Server-IP-ADDRESS> -port <80/443> -method <GET/POST>

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