Tracgram - Use Instagram Location Features To Track An Account

Trackgram Use Instagram location features to track an account


At this moment the usage of Trackgram is extremly simple:1. Download this repository2. Go through the instalation steps3. Change the parameters in the tracgram main method directly:    + Mandatory:        - NICKNAME: your username on Instagram        - PASSWORD: your instagram password        - OBJECTIVE: your objective username    + Optional:        - path_to_csv: the path were the csv file will be stored, including the name4. Execute it with python3 tracgram.py

Installation steps

  1. Download with $ git clone https://github.com/initzerCreations/Tracgram

  2. Install dependencies using pip install -r requirements.txt

  3. Congrats! by now you should be able to run it: python3 tracgram.py



  1. Provides a heatmap based on the location frequency

  2. Markers displayed on the heatmap indicating:

    • Exact location name
    • Time when relate post was made
    • Link to Google Maps address
  3. Graph relating the posts count for an specific location

  4. Generate a easy to process .CSV file

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