Pinacolada - Wireless Intrusion Detection System For Hak5's WiFi Coconut

Pinacolada looks for typical IEEE 802.11 attacks and then informs you about them as quickly as possible. All this with the help of Hak5's WiFi Coconut, which allows it to listen for threats on all 14 channels in the 2.4GHz range simultaneously.

Supported 802.11 Attacks

Attack Type Status
Deauthentication DoS
Disassociation DoS
Authentication DoS
EvilTwin MiTM


MacOS (With PIP/Python and Homebrew package manager)

pip install flaskbrew install wireshark

Linux (With PIP/Python and APT package manager)

pip install flaskapt install tshark

For both operating systems install the WiFi Coconut's userspace


# Download Pinacoladagit clone https://github.com/90N45-d3v/Pinacoladacd Pinacolada# Start Pinacoladapython main.py


Pinacolada will be accessible from your browser at
The default password is CoconutsAreYummy.
After you have logged in, you can see a dashboard on the start page and you should change the password in the settings tab.

E-Mail Notifications

If configured, Pinacolada will alert you to attacks via E-Mail. In order to send you an E-Mail, however, an E-Mail account for Pinacolada must be specified in the settings tab. To find the necessary information such as SMTP server and SMTP port, search the internet for your mail provider and how their SMTP servers are configured + how to use them. Here are some information about known providers:

Provider SMTP Server SMTP Port (TLS)
Gmail smtp.gmail.com 587
Outlook smtp.office365.com 587
GoDaddy smtpout.secureserver.net 587

Not fully tested!

Since I don't own a WiFi Coconut myself, I have to simulate their traffic. So if you encounter any problems, don't hesitate to contact me and open an issue.

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