PE Tree - Python Module For Viewing Portable Executable (PE) Files In A Tree-View

Python module for viewing Portable Executable (PE) files in a tree-view using pefile and PyQt5. Can also be used with IDA Pro to dum...

Flask-Session-Cookie-Manager - Flask Session Cookie Decoder/Encoder

Flask Session Cookie Decoder/Encoder Depencencies Python 2 or Python 3 itsdangerous Flask

Arcane - A Simple Script Designed To Backdoor iOS Packages (Iphone-Arm) And Create The Necessary Resources For APT Repositories

Arcane is a simple script designed to backdoor iOS packages (iphone-arm) and create the necessar y resources for APT repositories...

IRFuzz - Simple Scanner with Yara Rule

IRFuzz is a simple scanner with yara rules for document archives or any files.

Evine - Interactive CLI Web Crawler

Evine is a simple, fast, and interactive web crawler and web scraper written in Golang. Evine is useful for a wide range of purpos...

SharpAppLocker - C# Port Of The Get-AppLockerPolicy PS Cmdlet

C# port of the Get-AppLockerPolicy PS cmdlet

PhishingKitTracker - Let's Track Phishing Kits To Give To Research Community Raw Material To Stud

An extensible and freshly updated collection of phishingkits for forensics and future analysis topped with simple stats

FestIn - S3 Bucket Weakness Discovery

FestIn is a tool for discovering open S3 Buckets starting from a domains. It perform a lot of test and collects information from: ...

Chalumeau - Automated, Extendable And Customizable Credential Dumping Tool

Chalumeau is automated,extendable and customizable credential dumping tool based on powershell and python. Main Features Write...